Tazine Eats boasts as being the best fast food and restaurant delivery service that is both efficient and trusted. We pride ourselves in delivering food while it is still hot so you can have the outing feel in the comfort of your home.

Order Your food in 3 easy steps:

1) Tazine eats is partnered with a vast amount of restaurants around the country that offer a variety of cuisines to suit all your needs and taste. Make a choice from any restaurant and tap on it as directed by the app or website to add the food to your cart.

2) Once you are done, you will then go into your cart were you will see a summary of your order, including your address, expected time of delivery and a cost breakdown on the food and the service charge. Once you have verified your order, place your order by making the payment through your preferred payment option as directed by the app/website.

3) After you make the payment, you will get a confirmation notification. You will then be able to track your order from the time it is prepared, to the time it is picked up by the biker, until it is finally delivered to you. After your food is delivered, you have the choice to write a review on the food or the service.